Monday, March 4, 2013

manuka honey facial scrub

Mr Stackich of Stackich honey here in Michigan gifted me with a jar of manuka honey.
He is so nice and very elegant on the phone, I must say.
He has been importing it and I wanted to try it. It is delicious and I've been eating it every morning.
In March, everyone will get a free sample  of my manuka honey scrub with every purchase at eleneetha's.
I made it for me, I love scrubs, love them!
Here is what is in the scrub:

manuka honey
ground organic quinoa
ground rose buds
rhassoul clay
ground st john's wort
rose otto
Roman chamomile
organic red grape seeds, ground
organic jojoba to make it a little slick

simply take a pearl sized chunk in your palm, add water and gently polish you face, neck and knees if you want to!


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