Monday, March 4, 2013

good Monday to you

It is oily balm time at eleneetha's my sweeties..It is white rose and jasmine and it is Tunisian neroli!
The oils are spectacular and I like to anoint, and, I know you like to anoint and smell amazing all day.
My base will be a simple cold pressed avocado with a few sea buckthorn oil and organic cold pressed olive oil.
There are three "flavors" of  gorgeous jasmine sambac with a few drops sandalwood, the notorious neroli with a drop or two lime and one which will stand alone and always mesmerize, our white rose co2!
I am at the moment waiting for the jars and viola, yummy, smelly, sweet creamy goodness!
New soaps in the making will be coming up too. It is time to make more soap, I am getting low.
I know I am getting low when family members and friends come around for a chunk or two and I have to stop them from taking the really pretty ones! They are all pretty!
You are the most pretty and everyday you get prettier and today you look like tomorrow!

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