Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ol' Kief!

I once had a crush on David Crow, but like any Libra woman, I am willing to move on.

I have been listening to a book on tape by Kieth good!
Ol' Kief writes some really beautiful sentences. In fact, I would say the whole book is like a song, one of his songs!
He writes like a poet, ol' Kief does!
One of my beloved customers gifted his book on tape for me to hear. He said if I like interesting writing, to listen to Kieth's book..
It is like driving to work with a friend. he speaks as we speak, naturally and honestly.
Plus, the drugs and the parties, studio 54 with Mick, I mean he loves and hates him...and loves him.

David Crow, you say?
I got a little enchanted by him and his writings of oils.
He is so good at it!
At this moment however, I would have more chance in talking with Kieth than David Crow;; ) but then again anything is possible. He loves oils David does, that is certain! I also think he likes younger than me California blonds..ha ha ha

I am actually thinking of having a coffee with real a man though..I have cancelled every date since 2011 or something! I'll agree to plans and then I cancel and I do not do it. The suitors fade away like long lost Gemini man, will come to the store and smile at me for like 20 minutes and I can tell he is on the verge of saying something intimate. He goes, he comes, he wants to say something..he leaves!
This new one (Aries), however, keeps insisting..sigh..he calls me, he wants me to wear his jacket while I walk to my car..
I said now your coat will smell like me, and you know what he said?  He said, "I hope so"
That is flirting right?
Oye, my stomach hurts from joy in life!!!


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