Thursday, March 14, 2013

it is 4 am and it is just a matter of time

I made some really nice soap last night. I know I always say that but this time it is special.
patchouli neroli petitgrain from mandarins

It is always just A Matter Of Time with patchouli:)
The thing is, I have bought 2 new patchoulis this year that are very nice. They must have aged because for the last couple years, I was like, meh..but lately, it is all good and smooth!
I have always stuck with Sunrose's patchouli, Sumatra, but White Lotus has a dark patchouli that I thought I would try, and I must say, it is nice. His two year seems like a nice brew too.
I put  four ounces of it in this batch, four! Then, a full 10 mls neroli and then 30 mls petitgrain from madarins..
I also up on completion of my masterpiece soap, took a bath with the remaining oils in the bottle!

You can't go wrong with neroli and patchouli..and me, I love the mandarin petitgrain, it is simply delicious!
There are a few granules of pink Himalayan salt on top and some of them having slowly floated throughout the soap as well. Do you see how dark it got from all the patchouli? It smells just wonderful!
a matter of time soap

"i am submerged in cosmic life force"

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