Wednesday, March 27, 2013

full moon in libra

Emotional and hurt somehow..calm down!
 Everything is wonderful and perhaps the polarity if Aries Libra is getting to you a little.
Here are some sentences I'll throw at you of my impression of what people are showing and speaking to me about..

why me? how about me?
he (she) hurt me, she (he) hurt my feelings.
she (he)doesn't know me?

Aries vibes all day and infused with some really intense realities what with Uranus poised to take a wonkey lead!  I said wonkey, is there anything else when Uranus is involved?
With Uranus,  you have a strong leadership vibe and a weird Uranian boldness which can be cold and cutting and by the book..somebody's book.
It goes right through you like cold steel, the honest truth does!

If you feel left out, review your own behavior and do your duties..nothing is passing you by, your are going along and so remember to be grateful for where you are now which is really far and remember that you are loved by so many, and some people cannot fully disclose their feelings because of fear, pride, jealousy..
(all forms of self loathing, so quit!)
Tell it! say you are sorry and you are content and you are so very very wonderfully accepting of other's seemingly bad qualities..

Why at this moment, I can almost forgive the dog poop girl on etsy for hurting my feelings every time I go try to look at something on the main page..fine I forgive her! May she live and prosper!

have a wonderful day~

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