Sunday, March 17, 2013

speeding up

Mercury will speed up and going direct soon, and it is already speeding up, right!
I am getting so much, done it feels like some zen thing. You?

There is nothing wrong with getting all your ducks in a row because as you may know ducks need containment and if you train your ducks right, then you can do anything.. :-))just about:)

Ask yourself what you want to get better at and then practice that!
Am I too old to learn math?
Learn the secrets of the universe?
Ask what is intelligent design?
Our minds are constantly trying to find divinity..or some force which may save us in the end..but as we are a part of the forces which we choose to make divine,  we glide, and we swagger and know we are right where we need to be. I mean, what else can it are here and I am here and it is already done..


do good
be kind
be detached
don't justify yourself, you ought not have to
tell the truth because you can

make it yourself
make it simple
love it
love your belly
love your butt

I love you:)
 mercury is going direct, and...there will be 3 months of awesome planetary movement and many pretty grand achievements!