Saturday, March 30, 2013

your wish is my comand

you want more bath  and body oils,  massage oils and perhaps feel a little sad when all you have is 10 mls of delicousness and you need more?
Fine, I will make a few, limited edition massage two ounce and amber...
if they sell nicely and you like them, I'll keep them for us all the time.

here is what I'll offer you to begin with;

lavender massage oil

of course we  already have the trio of rose jasmine neroli..she does light up the garden with all that magic!

How about a piney spruce with frankincense and other anti inflammatory oils for a deep tissue massage?

Also lemon, green and organic with Cyprus oil and birch to really get in there and rub hard on them little pockets of fat you keep wondering It is just me then...:)
not really..:)

I have made it to a point in life where I love my body. It is silly not to. Yes, some of us are round and some angles and bones jutting, or our eyes get more and more sunk in as we age..but sag and sink it is going to... no matter what and no matter how much work you do to make it seem so that it hasn' has..
and there is a look, yes?
Here it is:
she is 60 ish
has had at least one thing done to her face, lips, some sort of eye thing, she is always wearing a long expensive coat in winter, except for that one who is 66 and still  wears "fuck me clothes"  with the heels and the short puffy coat and too much lipstick on her drawn lips..her bum looks way too firm to be real at her age. can you get your bum all plump with surgery now?
Hey man, who am I to judge her..I just know she fits in to an archetype, as do I in another one, what with being an old sort of hippie chick who is always appropriate and never too vulgar except in very tight circles..
I love you, thank you, have a wonderful day!


  1. YAY ! ! ! more body oils
    i don't know who was requesting but i can dig it

  2. I just ordered more bottles so there will be more..

    give us more you old whore!

    Lisa, you rock honey..thanks for posting!