Tuesday, March 19, 2013


about something, I do not know what, but it is grand in every way.
I mean, who am I to expect so much out of life?
I do!
I am a hard working gal, focused and mindful most days:)
There isn't a reason to be sad, from expecting too much or the wrong things. Been there, done that..Now I am home, and, cosmic consciousnesses has shown me the honest truth..in my mind, whatever my mind is..
I am a part of the bubble, in it, submerged in its soapy foam..
is everything about soap? hahahaaa

have a wonderful day,

honey rose scrub and mask

2 tablespoons each of organic;
garbanzo ground
quinoa ground
manuka honey 2 tablespoons
french green clay
2 drops rose otto
4 drops chamomile
og jojoba until it is a paste (about 8 tablespoons)

mix well until smooth
it should look like a nut butter
now wash your face and rinse well, pat dry..

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