Friday, March 15, 2013

vanilla late


How do you feel about coffee and vanilla in a soap bar?
 It has to be small because I get bored with vanilla, but what if you add something like a few drops blood orange and maybe some orange blossom?
Then it would be still be a coffee vanilla soap but with some flair and mystery!
I need to think about it. I won't rush in to that but I want to remember a soap I had made a couple years ago called bon pomarigio , where I had used coffee and a mocha but with hints of citrus and vanilla..
I  am out of cacao absolute but no worries, I'll buy some..mmm
cacao, vanilla coffee with og blood that does sound nice to me..
I dreamed about it being frothy and looking all fluffy on top like some soapmakers do. dang, I am not foofy in anyway and what if the foam just crumbles in your hand as soon as you get it wet?
what if's and what should haves you's about soap? If those were our only concerns  in life we should be so lucky..we are:)
everything is fine, spring is on her way and we are fine fine fine:)

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