Saturday, March 16, 2013

everything is learning

From the moment you get up on your two feet and even when you are sleeping., you are learning. But how exciting that you learn with others..I am really thankful that I have so many high thinkers in my realm!   (I am the queen then)
I am so over humanity some days! I tried to watch Gandhi the other day and just couldn't! I mean what, another fucking show which displays humans total selfish and horridly cruel behaviors towards other humans?!
I turned Ghandi off after he was thrown out of the train because some stupid jerk said dark skins  can't sit in first class, that is never compromised. "but I bought a first class ticket"
I already felt the adrenalin rushing through my veins in the first five minutes!
How long ago was that, 80 years?
You know... all last month I watched The Tudors and then read more about it and the fucking burnings and torture of humans, happened..we did all that!We still do. How will people of the future see us to have been, I wonder? As we now ourselves look at that part of history 1000 years ago, we know that it is brutal "uncivilized" behavior..and yet.. my friends in some countries still, they perform female mutilation of the genitals, make young boys dance for men and here, where we are civilized, we perform male genital mutilation( circumcision)  on babies just born, in hospitals all over the US! You might say, what about  cleanliness?
 It is modern times, we shower every day and bathe our babies every day..I am all for stopping that, it is unnecessary and archaic!


So,  I took a break from all the human horror and just watched The Stones on my tele..I just found out I have You Tube on  that all day yesterday I danced with Mick and loved watching Ol Kief,  and cleaned this place and after which, my friend Tonie called and I sang some songs from the stones to her and she made me laugh and sing some more and she said to me she said,  " I know that thing with humans but  even in all that awful stuff,. there  are some who do really amazing things."

Ghandi is like, "what do you mean dark skins can't walk on the paved part, we are all children of god" "It isn't christian"
He must have been appalled deep inside like we get sometimes...they killed him!

People hate to change, and loose their religion, they are so afraid of burning forever..

You are in space, of course you'll burn and churn, you are  burning now as one of the highest forms of energy created by stars and kept alive by that fire:())

"be the change you want to see in the world"

and have a wonderful day, where you'll smile at everyone and that'll always attract better things.

***I never quote people perfectly, so sorry about that but I think you know that already:)

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