Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the ram's horn

The Ram's Horn restaurant burned down last night!
My son told me because he and his friend were going to have a coffee and talk about Socrates and physics over coffee there and the place caught fire!!
How fitting for The Ram's entrance! The Sun in Aries!!
 I mean really, and they say astrology doesn't work! Why, there are symbols everywhere.
The place was a piece of crap anyhow and no one got hurt. Everybody got out and mostly my boy, and that other one who is always here. They are now talking about that..

So I must say, Happy Birthday Aries ! Thank you for always teaching me about getting to the fiery point. You rock! You are generous, kind, fierce, constructive, mean and dandy! So pretty and you shine like a rising star all day...and through time.

Libras, it is our un-birthday, so we should all take more probiotics!
My favorite one is Garden Of Life for women over fifty and now I love love probiotics even more!
 My whole family must take them when sick in any way. They work!
I went to another lecture on intestinal fortitude last night and I am convinced and will further rely on fermented foods.
  The speaker said so much that it takes me a few days to soak it in and understand all of it, which I did.
But man, he was good, he spoke so beautifully!
 I now understand exactly what is up in the body. That unless you take care of the colon, you may not achieve full health and longevity. He also touched a great deal on acid reflux and the causes of this very common ailment..very interesting...

"stop eating so much, you fat fuck!"
A quote from Raging Bull

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