Monday, March 4, 2013

two balms from last summer and how someone should have these

the one in back is lemon verbena, it smells so good, so, so good!
The one in the wee dish is a frankincense with something else.. maybe soon as you open it, you are struck with such force you didn't even know could exist in  an unseen capacity. It does! Exist, I mean:)
Frankincense is all fire but I believe it cools your fire and makes you see, all that you are and all you can be.
To have squashed all sadness and fear and shed all expectations  with kindness and reverance but not fear..
life, me and you and and
and earth and the stars are made of diamonds:)
(a quote from dr. who which starts march 30)))

"the stars are made of diamonds"
in reality medium sized stars really do burn out to become embers of carbon which cool enough to become diamonds as we know them!

Our lives are so good, yes?

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