Monday, March 25, 2013

vanilla cupa

I just bought come very tasty heirloom coffee beans from Rowanda.
 Organic and quite yummy and rich in a  morning cup of fresh brew, I must say!

Doesn't that look good? I rarely drink coffee this way. Give me a basic prefect brew with half and half and a bit of raw sugar and I am very happy..but....the thought inspires me....and..I would have a cup with a friend over a chat about things and what have you's...

Vanilla Cupachano Soap! I meant to say it that way..Tonie's idea!
 "Oh you met a guy? Are you gonna go have a cupachano with him?"
She is stunning as a friend and lover of goodness!
I had to!

Organic cold pressed coconut and olive oils make for a dang fine soap base, with raw organic cacao butter as enrichment!
ground Rowanda coffee, og
vanilla co2 total
ylang ylang extra
blood orange, a spot, not too much~
cacao absolute

The coffee is not so finely ground that the soap is completely black, non, there is just enough to speckle it:)
I look forward to showing you:)

Meanwhile, the energy is good and intense..remember to keep your cool and keep to yourself, do your job and pay attention to yourself and how suave you are.
Today, be thoughtful and  blame no one for mistakes made.
Say you're sorry and move on, you're busy!
Take a bath later, drink a little wine if you want to..everything is good, we are well fed and no bombs are blowing up in front of us..right?
(so be it)
Om to cool
Om to smart
Om to happiness
Om to clean food
Om to big money
Om to comfort like a floating rug on which we are carried effortlessly where ever we want..all we have to do is think it and it is already done..
Have a wonderful day:)

all this for mocha!

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