Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a fine line

There is a fine line between happy and sad. I mean one second your frolicking on a beach in your mind and the next you could be pucking your guts out..well, is there something that is not sitting well with you? Or that constant allergy you have, is there something really irritating you?
I learned all that from reading books by Luise Hay. Recently I have more opportunities to inspect her ideas full on and understand again how wonderful Luise is and how easy it is for me to read myself..

One thing is for sure honey, confidence and happiness in life are the key goals for us all. To inspire confidence in my self is easy, to inspire confidence in others may become an art form to be admired in the end. Not the end of time, but the end of a challenge or change in status.

It happens when you work in an office with others, or say, your family, you see them everyday, you share your thoughts with them and laugh with them and work side by side with them and even cry sometimes at the injustice of life for some, with these people. But who are they? You just met them two years ago, (random average number) who the fuq are they really and why are they in your realm?
There is a reason you attracted them, right?
Maybe not a reason, but certainly a clan or tribe having been made in essence..you have your shaman, your priestess (that is me) and you have your warriors and farmers.
and soapmakers:)
I am a high priestess, heh heh:) more like the fool!
But today I am the ace of cups and my ideas flow, I am the cauldron of kerridwyn!

"with your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you're too smart to go down and not-so-good street"
dr suess

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