Saturday, March 1, 2014

falling on ice

I used to skate all winter on was my thing as a child, I always enjoyed activities which were nice easy  slow movement. I would watch skating on TV and go on the ice and have fun..I fell a few times..I was 12!
I would say that in Judo, which I hated, you fall through a whole session! I was 25!
Bamm!! Over and over again!
I remember how much I didn't even want to practice  rolling with my young boys when we took martial arts..everyone needed to roll..I hated rolling..I always did it half ass.
"here, here is your foreword roll.."
He made me, I learned not to fall on my head. I was the worst student he had and he still gave me a chance. I sucked, yo..for 5 years I sucked.
Then one day, I didn't suck anymore. One day, I realized my boys had quit and I was still showing up to practice..I was super devoted to the forms and kata..there was a secret kata, I never got to learn..:)
I should still learn that..I have forgotten my moves by now but at least  I can still fall and hopefully not break any bones..

I fell on the ice yesterday! It was a funny sight for sure. I just slid right down on my right side with my whole body just taking it evenly..good thing I didn't break a faking hip!
My hair went all forward and I looked like a Siberian bear on the ice..I may have grunted like one!:)
I came in and yelled at who ever was here and said it was a damn shame one's momma had to take the trash cans back when there were perfectly good sons for this job! It was quite a thing and good thing I seem to know how to fall. What do I have to put steel thingies on my winter boots now?
As a parent, I get to just doing things myself sometimes..just to get it over with..That is the lazy Libra part of me.
I forgot that I have power to wield here and was too lazy to harness it!

Mars retro in Libra..
good for taking care of business
taking care of yourself by getting a hair cut your teeth cleaned and your bills paid.. I almost said, "balls"..xo

Oils have bee arriving so I will be offering some mighty fine goodness in the months to come

I bought everything
og vetiver, yumm
three roses
I also bought a geranium co distilled with rose lovely will that be in the next fougere blend?

"Fougere" with its  geranium, and lavender, Grosso, with its tonka and oakmoss..I will do a spray with the next fougere blend soon..I have been meaning to, I just needed a little has been five years now, since I began blending again and here we are with a great opportunity to use what we have learned..
Which is that  the classics really stand out..who doesn't want jasmine? Crazy People?

Wear it today and see how people respond to you.
men will think you are sexy, women will get close to you..

I like a man who can pick me up and smell of hints of vetiver and lime, sandalwood..)

vetiver/lime/geranium + natural clean man smell = warm sexy male human

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