Monday, March 3, 2014

Mars retrograde and how we've come to know what we now know

The year of the horse,  as if that isn't enough to teach us to be aware of who we hang out with, combined with Mars in Libra retrograde,  may ruffle a few feathers!
This is the time to show who we are by displaying honestly the company we keep..

I think the retrograde will get tiresome to some degree. in Libra, Mars is hard working, fastidious, organized and sometimes militant! The retrograde will slow things down a bit and bring some past people back in for a short visit!
Folks you haven't seen in years all of a sudden pop back in and say, "hello."
The other thing is that Mars will bring some critique..
In retrograde, it'll bring a whole lot of nothingness made in to somethingness..
Be aware of passive aggressive behavior and outright "boss' like attitude from bosses. somebody sure loves being in charge and goes around with a pad and pencil..
don't be skeered!
If you are Aries, this is your best time to do great work with out being a jerk. Some Aries chicks are super intense right now and may be showing some rather interesting growth patterns.
All in all, I think it is good. Even if you have to lick your wounds a bit, you are growing and getting better and better every day..your skills are superb!
Libra, you too. Be even more humble and see how you flourish!
Quietude brings new is also a good time for Librans to clean their closet..Libras seem to let that one pile of clothing just sit there..maybe it is is only this Libran!
Taurus, honey, you are holding on to something that is valuable but at the cost of your much time are you wasting holding on to this precious thing? In the next three months, you will re think about what you is my opinion, you should move and be closer to those you love, those who keep you safe and warm at night and those who make you some pie..
Scorpio, you may have lost something rare, and gained a reflection of something greater than you and yet, you have harnessed some of this energy and made everyone love you more!
How do you do that? When I look at you and into your eyes, so deep set as to hide your soul..but I can see your spark of pure crystal light from all the way over here, man!
Gemini, if there was ever a time to work harder, it is attention or mistakes get made..this goes for all Gems and those who have Mars in Gem..words can be like swords or they can be calming and gracious!
Sagittarius, I didn't think I could follow you, so moody you've been, so angry and mean at times..but maybe it was me  reflecting and reacting..
Pathways have been cleared for your passage, I suggest you take the high road because the one more traveled is also more treacherous..based on those who have parked themselves along the way..sure, you have fewer real friends now  and some who have shown themselves to be quite rare..I hope I am one of them and you for me:)
Cancer, your kind patience and real honesty is so awesome! These next three months is sure to be even more thrilling for you. I think work will be better for you and you can now take some time to master your craft..don't plan too much, stay focused.
Cappy, you are  about to flow right in to a great adventure in your life. I am excited!
Aquarius, you about to get real with yourself. perhaps you  been reacting rather than taking a hold of a situation and "telling" what you want..seething in secret helps nothing but make acid in your stomach.
Too much seething makes us all sick..hear that Leo?
lately, Leo has been very sad, lonely, discontented and downright mean at times..
what ever this is babe, it'll pass. you will be fine because you are smart and cute and stylin all day..
a little more gratitude is nice, and will automatically make you more pleasant to others!
No one wants to be around some angry jerk all day, right?
Pisces, will tell you that right away. If anyone can hand you the bitter truth on a silver platter, it is Pisces!
They wear red beautifully now and we should get them some thing purple to wear as an amulet..
We should call it, "Purple Piscean Amulet"
it should have a sprig of seaweed,  a few lavender flowers and amethyst stone inside..amethyst is about open heart and agape love..poetic love, the kind which saves you!
And this makes me think of downtrodden these last few years. I will say that, the Virgo women who have taken a step back and now are rocking out some fine  work which really impresses me!  Virgo men, who have waited and waited forever almost, to finally get paid for all their stellar efforts..they seem to be able to go through time easier than most of us..Virgo...and the year of the horse go nicely together..
by the end of Summer 2014, there will be gains beyond words for you! I hope so!

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