Wednesday, March 26, 2014

cuts like a knife

I haven't talked a whole lot of about mystical and mythical things  like astrology lately. I am trying to sort through what is real and what is some magical being there always ready to protect me or give me something good.

I 'll give you something good!! lol

When I think about Astrology, I can no longer apply the concept in my scientific mind, no matter how small it may be..the fact is that,  we are one Galaxy in millions scattered across vast distances, how can that  all that apply to us. There are no magic flying horses, or women who were really witches. they all got burned by the same ass holes making all the rules now. Just last year they stoned a woman for having sex! What about the boy at work who is a jahovas witness and can't have sex outside of marriage, won't do it! He is over weight and has this whole religious thing about sex and marriage..and being pure! Truth is, he is sweet, and very smart.
I wonder how his family would react if he told tehm, 'this is rediculous, I am having sex, I quit!" I can see that he is torn because he is getting smarter and cannot deny the powwer of our knowledge and evolution.
Our cells constantly changing to adjust to that knowlege. I do not follow any religion, but I know that jahovas witness is not for me.being pure has nothing to do with having pleasure. that is so stupid. "hey, lets cut off the cliterus and the tip of the sexual organs so that our little humans do not feel as much pleasure"
I wonder who thought that up? I hope we stop that one day!
Still, I feel like yes, Mars is retrograde and many people who may have been super fricked up,  finally got the message that they can't be lazy fricks just because they are cute. Work is work and loyalty means something.
I see that. I see when Mars went retrograde that there would be some sort of strife..that seems to fit in  some sort of archetypal image I may have concocted reading Jung or some other guy. The fact is, I can find a connection, mathematically..angles from where we stand mean something? We used to think that our solar system was the astrology, it still is. We are actually in our own thing..guarded by a little ice ball (relative to other such things in our neighborhood in space) filled with would take many years just to get out of our ball..many, many years and then we would see that it this way bigger than you and me..
Have other life forms developed their conciousness like we humans have?
Who am I to dictate what the planets are saying? How interesting though, that the Sun and Uranus and  where they are  now  are creating some extreme winds..with Uranus in Aries, we have all the extreme all day! We can track him astrologically through the ages and observe his quirky extreme ways..we can!

Aries wants all the love and Uranus is willing to go to extremes to get it..Mars in Libra says, "Yes" but,  "look at this!"..and hen steps back hard and someone gets shook-en up..I know it is shaken, rumbled then!
I am ok and so are you. I do not understand why the planets in this oh, so extreme angle, push such drastic changes but they do!
I think I have touched on Pluto's part in stern Capricorn..
I feel all this. is this my mind analyzing my own conditions or is this really a magical consciousness?
Are my thoughts nothing more than neurotransmitters of my intentions? If that is so, then it is bigger than what I can conceive! That maybe I  am the pilot of this train and my focus of each thing energizes makes it happen.
Thank you Uranus, for teaching me these things, thank you my Capricorn Moon which is allowing and  willing to do the hard work, easily facing facts and making things happen!

I hope you make things happen!

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