Friday, March 21, 2014

Russia Crimea and your own home life

Everyone is tired, Mars doesn't like to be in Libra unless you are actually a Libran and even then you get to watch loved ones do stupid things.
You know words do a whole lot of damge and even  now, you should watch what you say to everyone.
 Many a narcissist is about to get a reality check.
Always, in the back of your mind and mine we should remember, we are not that special and certainly not that cute, that is the bottom line and the top line too.
Once you get that under your belt, then you can get on with the real stuff.

There is a whole lot going on in the world. I say if a country of whatever little imaginary square on earth, if these people want to be Russina, let them..
I am sure things will not be all that much better..maybe though, they will because people will want that.
I  like a peaceful place where no one is a snitch  but goes about their life being nice and smiling:
"thank you"
"you look nice"

Politics, is always in focus when mars is in Libra. I have told you of the tie with Uranus in Aries and how it spewed out Musollini and Hitler..
I saw a sign today as I was browsing the news.
"god hates" "jews"
Like a divine creator would do such a thing..which is why I do not thinnk anyone here on earth is special or has all the answers on creation.
Ok, even if you put 'free will" or any other imaginary idea in to it. It never fits with what really is.
Not the Hindus not the Jews with the chosen people thing,  which made Christianity and not the Greeks, not the Romans..wait, yes the not forget(as if I would let that happen)
Paul was a Roman above all else..

The fact that we exhist is profound for sure, but our mythology is non functional.
Somebody asked me if I am a witch?
In Greek, Magissa..
Of course I am. I have enough knowledge and ideas on herbs, treatments, fatty acids and so on so offer valid real measured outcomes. Can I conjure up a few billion or make some one love, also I cannot say when you will die or if I can read, I cannot..
 I am a student of carl Jung, Yogananda and many other really smart humans..I love Dawkins.
You, we  can make up a lie that says your people are  smarter and better and most sacred above all because god chose you that day..not knowing that it was happening all over earth at the same time by different peoples who had settled in each spot and declared the same

When one begins to question god, that is when others get worried as to not offend him..
he hates and now he is jelous? really?
We know in civilized culture we try not be is a form of hate..
he tells us not to covet and will kill us if we do..but he covets!
that makes a way out for humans to do what they want in the mask of "oh we must  understand his way, they are a mystery."

Mind you I am raised in western christian backround, but think of the countless who pray and PRAISE shiva, ganesh and lakshmi,,I even do it! You'd think by now he would have helped them  maybe put up some fences to keep the cows out..don't even start me on bangladesh..or mother teresa..all those 'sick" people still sleep on mats while she built over 200 convents around the world...dude!

You and I,  we can actually measure the vibrations certain  sounds make and this vibration stimulates the pineal gland which gets more solid as you make that base low sound at least one time a day..aum, om..
Melatonin is released in the pineal. this hormone like compound is related to many really good things in the body. Sound sleep  and good digestion..melaton is made in the pineal but released in the body through the mucus membrane in our is so cool! I must have a lot because I can sleep and I certainly love to eat!

Enough rant! We, you and me, we're fine. I am making soup and chanting sacred words to vibrate my brain..try it!
Plant\ some seeds, first in the mind and then outside. I just bought every sunflower veraiety I could get my hands on..all organic!
Today I will also buy more calendulla seeds..I wants me some really dark orange ones..
I can see more dirt stomach hurts a little from joy of spring!
Let the world take care of itself, me, I am making some soup and is a wonderful day!

"Let me simmer in joy and inteligence and love you more"


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