Monday, March 3, 2014

patchouli soap 20146688

Actually I just wanted to make sure I had the 6688 in there..if man would have begun counting a billion years ago, it may have turned out differently..
Patchouli Soap batch#2014 6688
would haves are not what we are about..
we are about doing right by ourselves right now thereby extending that  out to anyone who meets us..
"my heart hears you", is the notion today as we make our most gracious and sweet patchouli batch.
She is solo today and not just an  ice goddess or snow queen..of course she is, there are six feet of snow out there everywhere you look. she is calm plus a billion!
The glacier could easily form here if it were to  continue to snow and freeze..
Before you run out to the store to buy bread, you had better just relax because Spring is about to get here soon! I heard a bird this morning and the one just the morning before and that means they know:)

patchouli soap
single note
bursting with rich patchouli flavors (sunrose aromatics)

have a good one!

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