Tuesday, March 25, 2014

These Years and the profound structures of our human brain

I have nothing much  say about that because although I can conceive of that kind of power, I cannot mathematically write it down or even explain the brains functions..there have been over 20 thousand research documents on studying consciousness and still it is a mystery.
We are getting closer though..
we know that the brain has more power than all the computers put together!
that it is split in two and each one can have its own belief but only one side can talk..
that means we are always at odds with ourselves..the inner mind and the outer voice..Today,2014,  we can track the nuropaths of our thoughts and even plant them in some one's brain...does this get us closer to what we are?
the inner mind being a conductor, a manager of the outer voice..
I am saying, "say the truth, so that you do not have to remember what you said"


I love you and thank you for reading my thoughts of the day..

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