Saturday, March 29, 2014

chypre in all forms

It turns out, I am not alone..
There are all sorts of people making natural chypre. they love to write each other in forums. I read some lovely things and still I feel no closer to perfection. It is ok, I have time to make it again and perfect old whore..whore because she is in charge, taken a  step back  so that she can see more and has control of her circle..not whore because of porn, if you think that, you do not get the old whore...a whore for labdanum not dicks..hahahaaaa
Chypre is Cyprus. When the Plantagenet king was marooned (really imprisoned) there, he and his slaves,  fell in love with the labdanum, a sticky material from the little mountain rock rose which grows there in Cyprus! The Greeks would use for everything from medicine, soap and perfume. The French brought it home and made things with it. Mix it with rose and frankincense some time..Delicious..
Can you imagine mixing it with lavender and some other lovely botanical? I know some have added the lavender oil because I have. I called her "distracted dilly" and she was one of my favorite soaps of all time.
She was old whore with spike organic lavender.
The balance of oakmoss to labdanum  may change from one year to another and the patchouli will always change so our lady is in constant growth and development. yes she is a lady, what did you expect, some porn whore?

Bring art and science in a constant flurry of ideas and the old whore is  there, bring sandalwood and mosses and  see things, beautiful expansion, understanding of science and art in all forms..I want that, I am old whore for that!

Old Whore Drenched In Chypre 


  1. I made a whole big batch for a year, the longer you wait, the better it'll get:) I will definately save you some.
    I hope you're good, honey!