Monday, March 17, 2014

the patchouli now

look, it is all too young..sure you might have a little vial of a 20 year old tucked away in the closet..but when a soap person makes soap, we use all the patchouli oil..then later  we can wait for time to make the patchouli  nice and mellow..
this month in soap has been interesting. The cold seems to change product, even the gel phase is different.
soap is a whole lot like making peek, you wait, you wait..

I have so many ideas, that I am bursting and I really have to stop myself. today, all I could think of was, tuberose!
I bought three different rose oils and they all rock!
so, of course I will do three balms in those little corked jars!
I should  make them 5 each and be done with it. I should sweep a path for the new moon..the next two weeks a flurry of ideas, seeds ready to be planted.
I should make a frankincense rose balm and another with frankincense and  myrrh and a third tuberose jasmine orange blossom, shouldn't I?

my seeds will be of calm and grace..even if, and I said if, someone doesn't love my patchouli soap..I am ok, I am fine..:)))
I put too much much patchouli too!
I just ordered oils for the neroli winter's brew revamped as neroli spring brew..
do you know why that soap was so freeking awesome? It was the hidden nutmeg and peru balsam in the blend. Both noted for the ability to hold neroli to a very lofty place..
The nutmeg is co2 organic. I am very excited to make this one for us, maybe I'll add mandarin.

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