Monday, March 17, 2014

when you dwell

it is cool word it is where you live, your abode and your mind too! Dwell too much on one thing and then, before you know it, you'be been  wigging out over something for six months! I call that time wasting! Ever hear the term "eats me up inside"?
That sounds really horrid when you think about it!
Why do we get so upset over a word? Why does it cut us like a knife if someone says something that gets too close to our core?
I don't know. I do know some folks have been  dwelling on somethng so much they are getting themselves sick over it and making others want to walk away.
Ego, all of it..and the stubborn ones shall go down,  fighting, they always do. Why do we dwell so much on insults when as Bruce Lee always said, "you are looking at just a bridge or just a mountain where there is all that glory above you"?
He said something like that..I loved that guy!

This beautiful Full Moon in Libra means we will be able to see the other guy's point and allow anger to vanish in the wind..there has been a whole lot of fire (Mars) with regards to an offense, or words, (Libra) and some have been burned. When we want something just a little too much, we tend to over react a little and this takes us a little farther from getting is the law!
This law of cause and effect works for me, everytime.

A boy at work asked me, why I don't move up and become a boss?
I am like, "I am already up, son!"
One of my workmates calls my customers, "clients" hahaaa
we all laugh..
I do not move up fast because it gets rough in the competition arena and I like to come home and make is all I will say about that..I do know that in business as well as simply crafting a pie, one must do their best and everything else just falls into place.
The Aries vibe here means we  should concentrate on our hard healthy work. that is where we  will shine..and, at home, we  must find solace in our own hearts and comfort in that..not what the other guy is doing..
Mystic calls Aries "ramzilla"
Pound that pavement, girrrl!
I will tell you this much..some the most powerful women at my store are  Aries! They work their ass off!
I love that.

have a wonderful day..
I just got a new sweeper which I will thoroughly test..
I am so happy right now!

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