Sunday, March 16, 2014

zap zone heating up

that means new lovers
and rash decisions
maybe some people got the message
some did not
they spew out trash and get that right back
I suppose karma is like that..cause and effect and all that stuff..

I have been exploring the intuition and how I can improve on the ability to retain and explain my thoughts, I is 99.9% percent of the time to say nothing and just listen..
here is a convo I had yesterday with someone,

a guy and me talking

I said something to the effect of, "just because someone thinks they are suffering more than the rest of us for whichever profund reason is wrong..everyone must bear the tournament and theater of being human.."
the guy, , "no, some suffer more, you have to consider past lives and karma"
me, "even when you take karma into effect, one does not have the right to be abusive to loved ones just because he is suffering"
I wonder if the guy is a Virgo man?
I wanted to argue with him and debate my points..but my brain was just a whirl of replies..
like how humans use karma as a crane to take them out of peril if they would just suffer enough..
it is just another  excuse and being sorry for being the animals we  really are..
all day, regrets, anger and why?
because some dumb store didn't have our favorite hand lotion?
get real as my mom says..
or as Bruno said, "your god is too small"
So then if Karma is not what we thought it was and our planets are just nothing to do with us?
Of course they have everything to  do with us..Uranus aspects, Mars, Jup,Saturn and our  Pluto, way out there, just slowly ever so slowly getting bigger, all icy now but in a billion years, a tropical paradise..sigh!
Our own Sun bringing energies, magnetic forces which effect our Earth! Surgeries, teeth hurting, your back all sore, your feet needing a nice rub down by someone who has great hands..practical matters first..we are all just fine and should stop taking everything so personally.
It is all real, like Yogananda says, I am a bubble, you are the sea"
That is beautiful  to me because scientists, when they describe "multiple universes", they draw it  like bubbles, everywhere...this makes us small indeed!

Ok ok, the zap zone..
there is so much to say about it. it has been happening for about three years in your life now..maybe you got married and divorced, lost loved ones, got in big fights, raged at your sister, raged to your friends about your ma, yea, ma, raged at your lover for not loving you enough, that fak, ..

The beauty of being Libra right now:) Libra says,

"wait wait..if you want a lover, you'll conjure up someone that is a perfect fit..when you conjure up your money matters, you'll conjure up always enough, always enough your sacred soul cup ever flowing with resources at your fingertips..
those who really love you  are at your side right now and the rest takes care of itself.."

Do you see how wise I am?

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