Friday, March 28, 2014

telepathic mod squad

"I have no enemies I am a friend to all"

Yogananda said that..he had digestive issues  bouts of cholera or some other tropical disease while growing up. His momma died young from all that cholera and he was devastated.
I am bringing up Yogananda because his intuition was so keen, he became a guru. Is it really mystical when we can now pass along our mental thoughts via computer without ever saying a word? Look at Steven Hawkins...his thoughts go in a computer and it speaks for him.
And I am saying(forgive me papou) but no icon ever saved any one's life in a war or when there was cancer or some other human calamity. Steven Hawkins can't bring back his lost physical strength and or anything for that matter not matter how long and how much he meditates. He is/was a prisoner in his own mind..I wonder how awful that must be. Not to be able to move your hands or speak. Someone said to me that he made bad karma, that is why he is like that..oh, then, god is a jerk! Oh and how come he wants to kill all the Egyptian babies? What kind of loving father does that, or allows his son to be wrongly sacrificed? We still cry over that every year now..i know I have.

Oh, Yogananda, and what does this have anything to do with anything?

Nothing at all, really. I like to write my thoughts in the morning. If I offend, please forgive me, it isn't personal. I want you to be happy.
be real
don't be scared

Remember the Mod Squad?
I had pants like that!

I feel really loved and really appreciated. My kids cleaned and took care our home, made food, the house is warm, I work with an awesome team..
 I came home last night to rest after a grueling week, someone giving me three stars instead of five on the patchouli soap, dude, thanks for your very wise review, but really, go back and smell how luscious it is now, bitch! (in the breaking bad sense, not really))
I made special cream for her because she didn't want sea buckthorn and now I get a not so adoring review?
Truth is, no one can be happy 100% of the time. More and more people are coming to my shop, maybe some are authorities on soap or blending.
Some want this and some  want that and I aim to please so I will usually go out of my way to please. I think this year, I will tighten the rules a little more. The old whore she is 8 at a time, not 20 and if the cream has one oil you do not want, I will not make a new one omitting ingredients just to make a buck while spending more on new jars being filled..Pluto in Capricorn means practicality and wisdom, yes?

  I have smelled some peoples perfume blends that smell like the back of a horse's ass..overdoing that fecal note there? I never say a word. You know why?
Who am I, that is why!
I am a student and mad scientist of oils, I have nothing to do with  that judging business..sometimes blends are  bitter and pungent or too sweet and floral. That is the magic of essential oils. Or, the old whore, that one time, she goes crazy and won't let me cut her. I rushed her a little and she rebelled. She is not to be underestimated,  the old whore is brill when need the Urban sense not the fish..:))
My power comes from me and the images I make in my brain..I am my own conductor. that is why I will always only focus on the ingredients and not who is doing what. Do the ingredients always have to be exotic?
I think it is time for an olive oil cleanser! I have some ideas like whipping olive oil with Himalayan pink salt..not too much. Olive oil ... beautifully rich in all sorts of healing nutrients, like vitamin e and palmitic acid.
We'll talk!

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