Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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I removed all the photos going all down in a steam. I'll cut that that down a bit when I get a minute to work with a strange file it came with.
I am trying to make the web site load easily. I will still include photos of all sorts in each new little thing that I write..well not all of them:)
I am changing things up because  do not like going to read something with flashing ads and it takes like 3 minutes to load!
I have all the minutes, see, I just don't want to use them  being loaded with all of the debris, I am not in any club or political union, put simply, I am pumped intuition, and I make stuff with oils. I love them I do..look at the old whore whose pungent nature has brought thousands of people joy in some way..over 5000 views for her! Yay, OW!!!
Or, the time lord or the way I have learned to work with citrus and neroli which is all my own in soap..I  have blended neroli with so many things hoping to hold its illusive beauty for a wash or two. I love neroli so much!
I will make a jar of cream that will beautifully age while I use it and just change into something even more special. Sandalwood is like that, so is vetiver of course, all of the oils are stellar!!
If I could make a rose soap that would stay like, super rosy, I would..can you imagine me as a billionaire..I would certainly take more than  a few million and make rose gardens for miles and then I would build the finest distillery just north of  my sandalwood forest and, to the south east, miles of purple because  of the lavender mounds and then I would make stuff all day..
I should live in France meanwhile, I'll make a mini in my yard which is more real, plus my momma is here. We're good. I can see dirt and things are still alive out there, it is going to happen!

greek woman

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