Sunday, March 30, 2014

tell me something real

Not some made up mythology always geared to disappoint!
You can feel all the euphoria at church and everyone is singing praises and you feel lighter..
unloading something while sitting there is shoes that are killing you.
When I had to go to church, which was everything, every saint's birthday and every icon holding event there was, my dad was there which meant as kids we were there.
They freaked out when I started talking about evolution and space..early on and this was the 1970's, I told papou vangeli, (my dad's dad) which is evangelos in Greek which is angel in Spanish..only they say it an hell..hahaha
But papou, he freaked out when I told him what I had learned about Darwin's discoveries. He started yelling in greek that it was an afront to god and sacrillage to say that we evolved from monkeys!  Hey man, maybe we didn't, maybe some asteroid came and seeded it self just on us and nothing else on this rock, just us and only us humans. People get so mad when you challenge their religious order..anyhow I was 12 or something and did not argue with him but even then, I walked away thinking how sad that this man is imprisoned in his religion and clouded from the facts..the observable ones..and bound to a militant religion where it was what the bible says.

.In this new book I am reading, The Future of the Mind, on all the new developments on the brain, I am inclined to think more practically. Soon there will be a pace maker for the brain and people with epilepsy would be way way improved.I think like 90% but don't quote me. They can already erase and then put back thoughts in mice and mental telepathy is just around the corner!

Having said all that I can now accept astrology again as my friend and advisor in life.
I should study more archetypes and see how we humans have telepathically created ourselves as we evolve here  on Earth for millions of years to come. Who knows what shall become of us? One thing is for sure, if one were to look at us from far away, one would see that we are all here basically evolving at the same rate, give or take a thousand years  here and there..remember that we've only had the written word for about  five thousand years now...

Astrology is a few words on types of people we are and types of events that color our lives. We have always known this. And try as scientifically inclined as I try to be, I cannot deny the forces which are making Mars retrograde really intense and in Astrology, we can detect Uranus forces at work..right now we have both!
Uranus is Aries makes for very intense battles and conflicts and short tempers and thieving!
Mars in Libra, is fine for a couple of months, but six months, not so comfy now are ya dearie?
Talk about confusion and more crazy coming out in all of us!
Mars retro can mean simple surgery and just plain simple bumps..
I bought this awesome knife at TJ Maxx the other day and it is so sharp that as soon as you put your finger on it, it'll slice you like butter..dang, all I did was touch that is sharp!
Mars retro bitches trying to hold you back from your own mind's riches
thinking they're more grand because of their positions
and that their reasons should be your reasons
make your own reason and don't be a dumb ass
because soon you will be a memory, which one, you may say..
the one where people say, "yes, this person was amazing , kind , artistic and wise" or the one where people remember that badness you made, the broken shit, the tantrums, the selfish stupid things that teens do that maybe you've carried with you since then and here you are at fifty now, still having the same dream the same rigid stance and your way or the highway mentality.
Mars retrograde is a good time to check yourself and create some order in a a way that works easily for you because now the hard way, is a pain in the ass!


  1. It is all true,,and you are my long time friend since we saw each other the first time. I always bless you all for the Yogananda Gita and the Sacred Science, I re read them daily. Also,,I believe maybe that something incredible is currently transpiring as I have been visited by an amazing UFO recently and even photoed footprints,,blessings to you always Ana and your amazingly deep Astrology is always welcome to me..huge hugs to you all

  2. hey there lovely!
    I am glad to hear you are well and happy!