Friday, March 7, 2014

new in soap making

I am making soap this whole weekend.
Here are some creations so far...

Temple Fire
A beautiful soap!
Siberian fir, templin fir cone, cypriol (nagarmotha), frankincense (heartwood, smokey, deep, animal)

Geranium Lime Bliss
I made this for Michelle S and  she will likely buy all of it because the price point will be nice, but maybe, you'll get one for yourself. I will take a sliver!
this is geranium Absolute and distilled lime peels..refreshing, crisp, mind altering gladness prevailing.

Patchouli Lemongrass with Organic Lemon oil Lime and shot maybe three or four drops..enough to form a root.. vetiver..
it is so delectable, I can't hardly wait to cut this..
must leave it alone..must..not..touch..

to ward off evil critters
both physical and metaphysical:)
basil, rosemary verbenon and organic lemon in a simple coconut oil soap base with olive of course:)
use it as a cleaning tool in the work room and the cooking areas for your hands.
refreshing, clean, dealing with what is physical and understanding the metaphysical..that is basil!

I think this will also come in a spray for the house..
Banishing Basilisk Room Purifier..

You begin at the south east corner and go west and then north of your home..
damp cleaning each corner while blessing and protecting yourself and your abode

Next, will be single note vetiver for sure and also some new crisp citrus is in order..
I really have been wanting frankincense with orange and black pepper..I will make a citrus soap with clementine and bergamot and valencia orange  with a shot rosemary verbenon..

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