Monday, March 17, 2014

this last full moon

I may have the exact degrees a little mixed up but the energies are what they are.
 last week was a real thrill for many of us and an eye opener too.
I am thinking that Saturn is lurking and making sure you get a dose of real business and not just bull shit lies.
For many like Virgo like Leo, it is time to get out of the cave and be someone..make yourself do it..nothing will get done with you thinking you can stay up all generally  happens during the day.
Leo stands out pretty strongly for me today and most days lately, but these aspects will effect all of us humans
Some are really feeling that Saturn slap in the upside the head there..

1, what goes up, must come down
2, law of averages..that when you do really well, you tend to drop your score the next time
it is the law of averages..I say raise your  average and be mindful of your reasons for anger, or jealousy or guilt.
3, praise makes us lazy..a little bit? yes?
4, money makes everyone happy, it changes everything
I really hope you get some today:)

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