Saturday, March 22, 2014

my friend the russian

a wonderful dame really..
she said that Crimea belongs to no country now..both the Ukraine and Russia  want to take her because there is much natural gas there..
I asked her when I saw her yesterday, "who owns Crimea?.
All this war over things like resources and no one wants to give up their gold..that is for sure..
then again, I live in a strange grocery world where everyone pretty much comes in with funds..some say a rich fest. I don't but let me tell you, I have many many Russian in my realm, and they are smart, educated hard working and that means being able to shop at the  best one in the world.. I  work in one of the most affluent places on earth..west bloomfoield, the home of many a Piston's wife and kids..I do not watch sports so, yea..too busy trying to figure out how bees make that stuff from the pollen of the myrtle bush in New Zealand and then convert that into some peroxide thing and we eat that!
smart lovely folk who just want to leave the regime! I hope  everyone simmers down and not too many innocent get killed because of some ass hole with a gun! Think about thousands of them like on game of thrones when Damaris  just blew everyone away with her awesome warrior queen thing!! "No dragon is a slave!"
I loved that episode, of course she understood everything he was saying about her, "whore", "bitch", she was calm and, she,  never flinching.
I want that..:)
I love you:) ha..
could they have put more old english spelling in her name or what?? yes, us Lybraeryans..
It is the dragons
does she name them?
no, don't tell me!

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