Wednesday, March 12, 2014

hunkering down during the last storm

not really, aside from the school closing, which they should, it is business as usual here in southern Michigan.
It is snowing hard and right after a nice warm two day period when most of the ice started to melt and we could see our driveways for a day or is wild how much snow we had this winter!
Everyone said how winter was getting to them..they say that every year.
I have a customer who starts taking mood tonics in September because he anticipates the darkness.
yea, the mood is low, it is dark, maybe you are not supposed to be go go go all the time..
funny that I should say that! Let's see, a full time job, full time soap life, full time momma, full time student of life..
I am lazy by nature, see?
I have been known to take the easy way out as to not have a confrontation and feel fear or save time in many cases.
I just don't care about the cold. It is is snowing, we are in modern times and have heat and a dryer..
We forget to appreciate the dyer.
When I was in Costa Rica, I adored the sunshine for 6 months or so. I would hang all the laundry out side and feel the sun on my face while chanting om..during the rainy season, I prayed for a dryer..all my clothes drying slowly in damp air got to me. I never felt they were dry enough, I wasn't dry enough for goodness sake. you do not need too many oils  on your skin over there, I will say that!
You can grow a banana plant in six months and be eating bananas for two weeks..
fried with sour cream on the side.
they have this cream thing there. it is like sour cream or creme fraiche, supremely delicious!
You dip your fried  in butter banana in it and eat that with a coffee and a sweet bread in the after noon.
All the women take a break at 4pm. The prep all day, they sweep, they make food and they sweep and mop..all day..
At first I thought they they weren't civilized or had any knowledge of books or modern technology and that was why these women wasted their time mopping and cleaning!
I did, a little bit..I mean I showed up with  2000 books a computer and all sorts of needless things to the villagers..hahahaa
the bugs ate most of the books during a dry season in Cobano, Costa Rica, I lived on main street in front of the bus stop..I loved that rotty house and in the end, it was too much floor to clean up..floor everywhere with tiles! hahahaaa:)
Yes, they mopped all the day, freeking mopping and sweeping and singing with their half naked asses jiggling..
They mopped because, the jungle is dirty! When it rains for six moths, you will find dirt and mud in every nook and cranny, you must mop! It is torrential rain too, for days and days and days and when it finally stops,  you have found yourself in a smaller space because the whole flora has moved in on you!
One time I went in to the nearby jungle to cut some bamboo ( I just loved that machete!) because I had seen some artful fountains you could make with bamboo. I was too dumb to think that I'd  need a shirt and gloves for the job and just stated to cut some stalks. Well, first off, they are taller that you would think!
I began to itch. It was because bamboo makes a dust that is like  glass on your skin. I ran home crying, running to the shower running making sure there were no snakes in there ( it happened one time, I freaked) and I rinsed. The local guy shook his head at me and told me about that little "facts" about bamboo. The Costa Rican boys all laughed at me for a couple of weeks for that.:))
I made nothing good with the bamboo. To hard to work with..still, a fountain would be pretty, they are so pretty, I really wanted one of those bamboo water fountains next to my earth oven I was going to build. I will do that here, I must. Things take time to happen in some cases.In my mind, I am standing next to my oven and the gentle sound of water nearby, birds singing and sunflowers all over the place.
the sunflowers are gonna happen, I have plans, yo!

I am in a really happy place here. Would I love an estate where I could plant everything and live a self sustained life in soapmaking??
yes and yes!
I will make it a mini  estate here at Crabtree Chalet, this Summer. I will plant so many sunflowers, you'll want to come sit in my yard and just make yourself contented being with me and my artful outside friends:)the lavenders and wormwood and the excellent California poppy...

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