Friday, March 14, 2014

still working on fougere

I had run out of clary sage..I thought I had some but must have tossed the empty bottle.
I work in a place that has everything to meet my needs so I bought the clay at work.
Aura Cassia doesn't have the most amazing oils but the basics they have.
Clary is what makes the fern scent come alive..
so far I have put together a group of oils which go like this so far,

lavender organic to bring calmatude and easy breathing

oakmoss delish

geranium absolute
geranium co distilled with rose pettals yummooooohh
a few drops palmarosa
a few wonderful rooty drops of vetiver co2
tansy for the sunny feel
sea buckthorn co2 (love)
pomegranate seed co2 (love)
plus the organic vetiver I have now from sri lanka, a few drops of that
clary sage to holds everything together..the great optimist, ruled by Jupiter..

 I am inclined here to add a little drop angelica..Venus rule angelica is.

I must wait a minute before I do that, so here I am, saying, "hello":)  which is also a soap I made last night, which turned out amazing and all that..sometimes I love what I do so much I can't sleep, that goes with work stuff too. I get so excited when I accomplish a big job and it finishes perfectly, like a good blend..I slept so well last night, so deeply..the oils really effect me..I had dabbed on a few drops of my frankincense which just came!! Wow!! It is so freeking good!

I will tell you why I make soap..
It is because the magical uses of oils refine me and take me to very spiritually lofty place..and it is not scary at all..because all along I am always where I need to be..
spiritually in that each magical micro particle is doing something it is supposed to do and serving me at the same time.

How is your day so far?

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