Thursday, March 13, 2014


The Student of Carl Sagan, Neil De Grass Tyson on Fox..
you can pick up the first episode on hulu..I loved it.
Course, I love anything space!
The area where comets live ( it is a huge ice  globe) surrounding  the outside of our miraculous solar system with our most perfect star, in The Milky Way galaxy where  a cluster of millions of  galaxies reside in the Virgo Cluster..the Milky Way is next to a huge beast of a galaxy called The Andromeda Galaxy..some day, a long long time from now we will joing is so long in time yet each moment creates its outcome..I do not think that Andromeda calls herself Andromeda.
The Virgo Cluster!
I wonder what The Aquarius Cluster made??
In the year  1600 hundred they killed that guy Bruno because he said their god was too! Catholics of some sort did that!
Paul was a Roman soldier above all and I believe he pushed  the whole creed thing..which flows even into the Greek Orthodox know..." I believe in one god, the father almighty..who for us and for our salvation came down from heaven and was made man.."
 I think the great sages always had an incling  about the heavens..the stars and their meaning, they  imagined a deity like this..why not? Maybe paul had some great intentions. You could say that he  didn't know any better, these were violent times! The Romans were cruel outside of Rome..remember crusifiction? We actually still worship the cross, an ancient and cruel act upon our fellow man..think  about it..
man goes around killing and punishing wrong doers like god god does, we must be the same right?
Why would you make hell for your children any how? The devil and all that?
You made the devil, dummy! Do you really need me to tell you that?

I would be like Obi Wan Knobi, course in a cape, "put the sword away, these aren't the men you're looking for.."

We are truly made of star light! Gold made in a star, a big ass giant ass star that as it burns out, all the stuff it made cools and becomes calcium, phospherous, silver, platinum and gold..all of them..freeking exploding so powerfully that they spread these materieals far far into to thinnk about how we instinctively value of the last things a star makes before it we intinctively attract ourselves to who we  once were.
If it is on earth, then it is billions of years in the making because some big ass star exploded and made us..
our gods are all too small, yo!
Now we are finding that these wee particulates have a memory, an imprint of who we once were..past lives? reincarnation? All true based on the particles always coming back together somehow and always becomeing something new..
You get almost all the same DNA as your parrents and make 100 new genones of your own..
we all do that..we get our own unique looks because we change and stay the same.we continue to thrive
I am not saying that we get reborn again in a new family..that is dumb..again, that concept is too small when considering multiple universes..who knows what I am saying, I talk a whole lot:)

I am making Fougere
a perfume and a soap
I will explore my desire for moss and warm sweet grass
me sitting on a blanket in the afternoon..near my grapes and my apple tree.
me weaving the flowers into little hair adonments..first made of geranium and lavender.some moss from the oak tree..
it means fern
one would think of tonka here as a fixative and maybe a shot of hay.

Hurry Spring!!

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