Tuesday, December 8, 2015

essence of earth soap and oil special

I worked and worked at my job and now it is time to nurture some ideas while I was working.

Did I ever tell you I love to rap in my head while processing 50 or so boxes of stuff for my job?

You know.."my name is annie and I am here to say
I love your face and  that makes my day
I walk around smiling over something you'd say, ha ha ha ha
the laughter, it is best
because we always speak kindly and that makes us glad..
makes us glad not sad
makes us happy to say more
to give back
to always say thank you
to always forgive
do better now
make good things for your kids
my kids your kids
we love them most and each day, we have tea and toast

I will stop for  now to share my new soap with you.

I love this image and it is the reason I chose it because it invokes a vibration of what I may be feeling and wish to impose on my mind as I conjure this brew for us.

 Vetiver and Oakmoss
A good dose of Black Spruce and Canadian Fir
Now I will add one drop tonka and black pepper and then I will add a drop or two()) geranium bourbon..and now I will say more kind words with 
powerful notions carried by the smallest of particles..
warm woody and crisp and a little spicy too.
I call it "wolf witch" in my mind.
She rides a wild at times and knows how to control the most savage creatures 
harness what is useful for the good of all, 
good will to all
good health to all
prosperity to all
self realization to all

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