Monday, December 21, 2015

winter's festivus

We do gather together to ask to live another winter, we still do.

In the city where the air is dense with chemical molecules and in the country too. Humans die in the cold. That is why we keep a safe shelter for each other. Why cities spread far and wide.

We gather together to enjoy each other's family and say thank you to our mothers. I told my mom the other day, I tell her a lot of things..I said she was a good mother to us and always made sure to tell us how it is.
I suppose she might have even raised us to believe in santa claus, but we did not have that in the village, we had agios nicolaos, the black robed saint who brought cookies and cakes in January and we got to sing about him coming. It seems like we sang a lot as children, I remember when I was six or seven and I sang all the time. badly..I always got excited about cinnamon on my rice pudding and my aunties said I was greedy for it. I am still greedy for the best things and I want them all the time.

Find out what makes you happy and do that. Each day do something which gets you closer to things you want for next year and the one after that. I am looking at 8 years out at the moment.

We gather together to ask each other forgiveness and our words should be like water and not always like swords or stuck in the mud or a heap of sand or raging like fire. Yes, I have just named four elements..but there is so much more to say on that, my favorite subject, physics. the real, 'force"!

We gather together because there are many things we have stowed for the deep chill. If we were in the mountains, we (you and me) would have a fire in every room and for sure, ducks and chickens down the road. They would be happy,  we can all  be happy. That is my point.

My plans for this winter are to make more interesting beautiful soap and rejoice in my abilities some more and of course. I will clean and organise more too.

I have an awesome menu right now and that makes me happy.
Here is a shea butter recipe I composed  for a client. It is so fantastic and fresh!

step one mix your favorite carriers with your essential oils.

I used,  organic sunflower, organic sesame(not too much), organic argan, organic jojoba and organic rose hip seed oil and a drop or organic olive oil. It is nice on its own just the way it is. I made an 8 ounce bottle of this one. The olive oil may sound weird but it adds natural tocopherols and palmitic acid which is a nice binder, like an emulsifier.

ruby red grapefruit peel oil  1/4 ounce
distilled lime oil 1/8 ounce
one drop jasmine
one drop ylang ylang complete
one drop black pepper
one drop frankincense

Step two, in a glass bowl which is in water,get your shea together and begin to slowly melt the shea.
when it is liquid, put it in the freezer.
Just when it starts to go solid, you begin to whip with your stick whisking attachment
(I have one just for shea butter and nothing else.)
Now slowly drizzle in your carrier blend and continue to whisk until it is creamy and smooth.

Bright, sunny, warm and yummy so why not try some on your tummy?
If we were in the mountains....

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