Thursday, December 17, 2015

so now quentin is a cop hater

They are calling Quentin Tarantino all sorts of know the hoard of zombies on line who hate everything and when they really hate you they say bad things about every part of you.
Who are these fucks? These trolls, these horrible watchers of hangings? How many people showed up to watch women being burned, I wonder? Well, these are the same kind of people..
I do not know but maybe Quentin has the balls to say what is on his mind and now he is a cop hater!
How silly!
Have we forgotten that cops have not always been helpful? That they hide behind trees to make 95 dollars at least per car that goes over? That they can raid your house and take your kids?
That they can tear up the house when they come and leave you wrecked? That they shot an 11 year old boy playing by himself in the park because they couldn't bother to get out of the car?
That so many black men are in jail over pot? yes, pot! Anything they can get people on they will..
I do not want them., I do want responsible humans around me  to where I do not need a cop, but there have been times they were helpful I guess.
Like the time I thought I was having a home birth and then I panicked because I really couldn't tell how dilated I was and thought it best that I go to hospital, they came for that and looked thoroughly throughout  my home to see how we lived. We passed that one!
How soon we have forgotten all sorts of messes for the last two years and thank goodness we have Jihadi to hate now because the cops are now good?
The fuks. You give a gun to a man and he will kill with it. They act different and I am afraid of all of them and even when I am being helped by them..true.

The thing with Quentin is he might be an ass, I do not really know him but he might be an ass..

To my daily mind I will say this;
Be nice is all am saying..yea? Be nice to each other, respectful and gracious and smiling always leads to more smiles and then nobody is gonna go to jail or die.
Maybe do not go to every hanging or witch burning. maybe stay home and make cake or a nice cup of tea...

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