Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Same as we ever were, Start To Finish Whew, it is over for 6 weeks so now we can move on from high expectations Walking Dead Reviews 608

I love The Walking Dead!
I love Robert Kirkman's writing style, and his ability to make a story. Unfortunately people want more now. They cannot wait for anything. Suddenly the story seems dry and unexciting.
We were kind of expecting too much if we listen to reviewers on line. They cannot wait to write about it and tear it a part. I disagree with them. They must love to be first to say things and  remark on their regrets. of course there are many! The story can't always fit your expectations and it is a story!!
It is a story, yo. There are no zombies. never will be, so stop saying how this guy is dumb or they should have done this and feeling tricked  or how they should have done something else. I do it too, I suppose!

They could entertain us with a thousand different varieties of how a person would react if everyone he loved died and worse yet wants to eat them so they go around chopping zombie heads and most  people are have become  vicious and mean. (oh, just like the internet commenters)
That all said, it is a cliche in a way. We want the hero, but when he fails a little we are pissed. (unless it is God, then it is a mystery why he does things)

Start to Finish brings us to the part of the story that was a little boring to me, so I am looking forward to the next episode when Abraham may use the flame thrower on those boys in the road and come home and re-group. I love me the violence and strategies!
The story has a whole lot of things going on. It does not help that I do not love any of the new characters no, not even Tovah/Deanna. Going to the baby when she is about to turn, my goodness, these people suck!
I am concerned about Ron, he is still going to do wrong, because he is an ass hole and should have been watching his brother instead of being an ass hole!
The little fuck, what a creeper and Jessie just whining, "oh let's pretend we are brave."
I would be like,
"Keep your eyes open or you are going to die baby and  turn off the fucking music, now come over here and be a boy, hear me!"

No, Jessie,  just hide him in his his room so you can baby sit for Carol! Ha!
The thing with Carol went like I thought. She keeps her eyes open and followed stupid ass freaking Morgan who is an ass of the greatest proportions!

I was so bereft when it was over. I felt like we lost time on insignificant things and people. 90 minutes for Morgan? I could do without it and have kept the goat safer than that! Right when the cheese was getting good too!
The last 8 episodes happened in a short space of time. Like a few days and nights. They were only a few miles from home when Glen didn't die.
So again, we are talking about very short time span and really guys, what do we want from Rick?
He is good enough, he isn't good enough.

"your dad is a killer"
"so was yours"

Rick is a killer/hero because he can cross a line when need be and come back somehow, each time getting more and more resolve to continue on and protect his people. He sort of knew that they would have to adjust in this new community but trouble is always around the corner and he is edgy about it.
This whole season, I feel we lost him because it was not the tight bond he had formed with his crew.  They were off finding themselves. Now, it is time to do what you came for Sasha. there is a reason to live some more.  Abraham found those weapons and they will use them.. there was a reason there was a garbage dumpster Glen and Nick climbed on and there is always hope.
Rick, he must continue to be the hero and tougher still.
He kept the priest alive and that guy fucked him over in the end, and then people died.
He is forgiving when he sees it will be for the good.  I bet some of us would not have been.

Back to Morgan... is he going to learn to survive without his dependency to devote everything to it?
Kill everything~ Kill nothing..And Carol, why could she not wait a few hours before pulling a knife??
Now look, the doctor  chick is good as dead out there, "mom" boy is gonna get himself killed, I bet the whole lot of them will die and by then, Glen will have devised a lure for the herd and the whole thing will play out..we will meet Negan.
Sam and Dean's dad from Supernatural. My teen girls loved that show!

Any thoughts?

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