Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Anastasias Witchy Winter Rose Spellbinding Potion

The interesting thing about making a potion is that you get to experience its growth and development along the way.
I knew this potion was not ready until I put all the rose in it.
I put both absolute and fragrant fruity Turkish rose. I put dragons blood slowly brewed and heated during a period of time. I also put more flowers like cassis and more rose after that.
There is a dark quality here, there is density and there is so much stability form aloeswood resin and omani frankincense.
It is so beautiful and the cardamom is best. It did what we all yearn for rose. I yearn for a winter witch
the one in my mind
she acts as if she is wise and cool
and that is because she is wise and cool
she speaks with kind words to show and contend
she thinks with logic but compassion is near
she listens with open mind and measures what is to be revered

Through the hand of time through thoughts of mine
to all good hearts that we should all entwine
like a web of good fortune
like a tree that bears delicious fruit
always replenishing each season
always more goodness
more happiness
more appreciation for our wondrous experiences together

the love I share shows itself easily and often, through each look in to your eyes
the forgiveness we give so freely having bled from too many dangerous pokes with spikes
having shed all guilt to glide through our days
having our family always remember not to have too much faith in dumb lies, look at me and tell me you are mine.:)))

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