Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Nobility in Soapmaking

It is funny to say it but I think like anything, it qualifies to be grouped and sorted in a cliche of some sort.
Take the cute soapmakers who love to use more art in their soap ,like cupcake soap, or smiling soap or dr who soap, star wars soap..the list goes on and on.
And why shouldn't they make soap look like pop corn or a tree. I like shapes too, I like the beeswax one that people are making lotion bars with..
I do not care for lotion bars, yuk! You have this wad of fat in your hands and it melts and gets all gunky and collects skin particles each time to use it. They are small but I know they are there.:)
"OCD much, ana?"
ha ha ha
I know you may have your own thing about germs. I am never as clean as I want to be and that is another rant.
Nobility in soapmaking is my theme this morning.
Nobility in soapmaking?

It really comes down to aromatherapy and what you do with oils and how practical you will be in the final product.
I am working on new thing for next year already.
This last year, I have found a new passion for Guerlain and what he used to do with oils. He was a master of blending and I will continue to strive and study his mastery next year and beyond.
He loved vetiver, you know! He also used plenty of oakmoss and labdanum. As I grow to understand his blends, I now realize how much labdanum one really needs to make a proper chypre with just the right amount of bergamot and rose with just the right amount of patchouli. He did use animal extracts. Musk and civet.
I would not mind having a little musk, I have never had any real musk. Remember Jovan Musk?
I wore that in 9th grade and the boys would go mad and follow me home and call me "Stashi"
I thought they hated me but my mom said they were boys and that is what they do.:)

I feel I can add Nobility to soap making. I have earned my place in aromatherapy too. No, I do not broadcast and belong to any group of perfumers. That is not my plan. I am not able to meet their criteria because they might feel they are more noble that me..maybe they are. I feel pretty dam noble though! lol
Plans for improvement for the next year include a more defined plan of operation
hand written recipes of some like I used to do when I cooked.
I would take hours each morning before I cooked so that I could make the very best meals for my guests. I did a really good job. I realized that while presentation is a  big element to acceptance, taste and smell is that hold one down. I wanted to watch them eat my food like I am telling a story. Each bite representing an emotion.
The first bite being light, salty and only a couple of tastes in order to bring excitement..
Next is rich attracting savory sweet like a bright song, like a dance with a lover that by the third course, you are in deep commitment to relish and expand your mind and join with the feeling of deliciousness, your mouth so delighted with flavors and your body settling in to and achieving high expectations of satisfaction...
sleepy now, you rest a little before I bring out a masterpiece confection and you spirits lift in time to dive in and be completely sated..mmmmmm

Soap should be like  that..

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