Sunday, December 27, 2015

glorious and grand

Do you know what I find glorious? Great food and a home where people are comfortable to say and think they way they do and no one is freaking out about each other.
 I usually get that here and for that I am very grateful! Grateful indeed!
Right now I am making potatoes and they smell so good. I will brew up a pot of oolong tea and relax a little before I go and face the outside world.
To remain in my glorious state, I will continue to read and learn about love, life, humans, and all the so called mysteries we humans refuse to shed. "Go in to the light", I say!

Someone called me a republican the other day and I lost sleep, I was so pissed!  I get called names on line all the time and they never hurt as much as that slur on my character! They next day another person said I was a liberal and my ideas sucked! I got in their face because fool me one time, shame on you, fool me two times, shame on me!
I will tell you all that I am not a republican and never will be. I am not a democrat and never will be. I am a socialist modern socialist liberal. I insist that we review the idea that 10% of all humans  have all the wealth and get to control not only the  media but almost every aspect of our lives and what we should be wanting and doing!
In modern socialism like they have in Iceland, they worked out  the dictator like aspects of what old socialists used to live by. It  was still 10% of the wealth and power enslaving the rest..
I will continue to change and reflect on my mistakes where guilt and penance plays no part on my daily life because I think about every action and therefore respect my decisions!
Modern day socialism like in Northern Europe is different. We have learned not to, I should say they have learned not to rely on banks and governments for every aspect of their lives. Plus they are generally healthier and happier..these are ideas we should be considering.

Republicans lack empathy, totally and completely.
Democrats, they lack compromise.
Modern day educated socialism doesn't care about just one person or one group, they care about everybody.

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