Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A winters day in a deep and dark December

I got some cute jars at the store last night and thought they were so cute. I was seduced by jars at the TJ Max!

I had a little beeswax left and made them like this.
With frankincense, patchouli, cedarwood and labdanum and also spruce and fir from Canada.
I love this scent combo and only wish I had more elemi to put in it. These will burn clean. I love that.

I am giving these as gifts to friends and family but you can make candles so easily if you have the right jars or molds.

 December Day Blend
1/2 ounce frankincense Somalia
1/8 once spruce
1/8 ounce fir
1/8 ounce cedarwood, Virginia
1/16 ounce labdanum
1/2 ounce patchouli
1 drop rose absolute
No top note? Beeswax is a top note, here:)

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