Wednesday, December 16, 2015

quiet december

We are all quiet and poignantly attending to our tasks. This is good because when ever there is a rough phase the thoughtful calmitude liners and makes us quiet.
In my case a just a wee bit ha
I am having a  saturn in the twelfth house phase. I am observing from my inner self all of the things in my world and from this vantage point, all I can do, is think some more.

I have been listening to music again after a long 12 years only sanskrit chanting phase.It is my I Phone, it does everything!
 I am in to The Dixie Chicks and Adele right now, don't judge me!
I  was like, "what the fuk, "hello"?"
It grows on you and you can do chores and sing along.
Who am I to say? Choose your own songs. I love The Dixie Chicks!
cowboy take me away
Yes, it is dated. We, as women in 2015, we do not yearn to be coddled or taken anywhere as we enjoy having led the way all along!
Still, there was laundry to be sorted and sort I have, as everything is looking really good and I love that!

I hope you have enjoyed my soapmaking this last year.
 I have added many new names to my lovelist and some have just faded but they always come back.

I just washed my hands with Ghost of Frankincense and it is still on my skin. I used  so much frankincense in that batch! You are gonna love it if you already bought one.
This batch is almost gone so if you like the frankincense, you will freak out when you try this!
ghost of frankincense

I am making one more batch of soap tonight and then we will see about next week. Thank you for all of orders so far, they are very nice. Thank you!

 felicitous fox soap


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