Thursday, December 3, 2015

happy words

Do you now, think I rant too much? I must! This is my way to unload some thoughts which stay with me at night while I sleep.
WTF in the news, yo!?

You give an already violent man willing to kill, a gun and then tell him to do it because God and us and them theology, and you have horrible things happen. Grow the fuk up! Who the fak  are you?

 Killing is not the way
and Christians you too
put away the pitch forks any time someone questions your god
and do not say it is the devil because that is your demi god too
I wont follow such violent gods, I won't
I will ask why he has not helped anyone
not even the jews (chosen people, wow, arrogant much?))when they were being slaughtered

this violence must end
it must start here
Every human has a voice, that is the point
and that fuking brother who shot his sister because she went to vote! Now hiding running like a a book!

How about a man to be a real man and tell me something warm and good about myself?
If you came to yell and deny facts or give me reasons
Well, reasons are bullshit it is your intentions and what your priorities are...that shows me who you are
and if your religion denies you freedom from showing your hair or some other dumb thing, maybe they are wrong, yo! Maybe these rules do not fit and now look at what..shame up on your family and loss, is that what you want?

Fraking free will you say? How Is it free my friends?
How when there is a lingering doubt? How when there is a punisher who never protects..not one time! And She our real mother  Earth, spins and breathes and clears the way for the new.

It is the law of cause and effect. Change the cause, we must! Do tell your children that this is no way to live. Empower women so that they have a choice.
Do not say for me not to say things because that is why I came in this say what will not be whimper the words which should not be whimpered,  they should be asked and said, and boldly pondered up on, yes, yes we ought to ask things which would never have been asked before..before we knew it is our choice to live free and making our mind up towards the best things.
Who am I to say these words right now?
Do I wake up in the morning with anger against my fellow man or woman?
No way baby.
I want us all to work and live really well and eat good food. yes, middle eastern food!
Who do you think made that taste..women? There are many factors in taste and I for one love strongly flavored foods with good bread.
That may be another rant here soon.

Religion Poisons Everything

"don't say that!"
"why not, I have many examples of how believing in religious gods destroys common sense"
"no, no, don't say that!"
"I must say it, because it is true."
"no no my god is real"
"so you think there is more than one?"
"There are none because I do not know what is after we die and I do not want to waste time, now"
"don't get mad"
"I am not mad"


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