Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Paper, great holiday

I have been thinking. I know I think too much but this time I was thinking that we stress too much  over this one day. We scrimp and save and carry on about how stressed we are and that to top that off, our kids have finals and that is even worse, they are locked away in their room studying!
That and if you are in the retail business, you get to see the ugliest of humans come now and again.

I am telling you the truth on that one! You know it too, because many of you deal with the "public"
It is crazy how not so smart people can be and bullies they are, bullies.
Yesterday, I feel like I had my usual poise and then Bamm, some dumb ass comes in and gets all bitchy to me and I would not have minded but she was bitchy to her husband in front of me and that is  a big no no in my book.
He had to stammer and when he offered a book for them to read together, she got are in his face and started saying things.meanwhile I am standing la la la
"I want organic hand lotion!"
"ma'm I have only  one kind that is "organic" and yet I feel  the one that is natural has better fats."
"it doesn't say hand, it says hand and body!"
I looked at her in the eyes and kindly said, in my deep bedroom voice, "listen!"
"they are labeled that because it is the same category.."hand and body" see?"
I showed the really good one with shea and cocoa butter.."no, it is too oily!"
And I thought to myself as I gladly walked away from that one, "lady, your skin is a dry desert  so how is anything going to soak in that?  I might add, as well as your heart and you are a bully to your man, poor guy"

It is nice to come home and be free from all that. It is really nice to be able to make things that are wonderful and clean and smell delicious.
I am glad I have chosen this very special path. I feel that aromatherapy skin care attracts a special person, smart and funny and well informed on small details of poise and grace.That is us babies! Don't worry, we are not wimps, we growel if need be.
Oh,, and I am getting new paper this week and when I go to the paper place, everyone is so nice. The kind of humans that go there are not driven by hate or greed or their gods, they want good paper for their art..we do!
Have a wonderful day, I have to pack a few orders..
Thank you for all of your orders! Thank you!

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