Tuesday, December 29, 2015

imagine working together for our best things in 2016 whatever that means

to me it means living clean....

to many today...
 not tasting food anymore, not caring about others anymore, not caring about the mess they leave behind when they go
and not knowing real leather scent because all they know is that fake horrid crap I smell most of the time.
I mean, what is leather scent?

In the old days when men and women had to use botanicals for treating animal skins, you had plenty of leather, some was smokey because of birch and some leather was spicy sweet with hints of flowers.
We can go back as far as the 16th century where we will find that the rich had scented soft gloves which were treated with ambergris, musk, civet and other botanicals to cover up the animal smell of animal skin...with more animal scent?

Obviously we have found better ways to treat animal skins..I like a cloth glove myself and always have.
Let me say, the smell of boots and horses is what I like.
"I am a dog, as keen as can be, is there room on that horse for a gal like me?"
(room on a broom reference, I love that little film.))) it is on Netflix..

My sweet girl in Guam wants more of that vetiver dragons's invocation soap I made this year, too. I will try to make more but I think I worked on that spell for about a year before I used the material. Dragon's blood takes a long time to do what he does.
We will see, I have an Oud Rose brewing too. Wintry, spicy and rosey..mmmmm  I put cassis and sandalwood and myrrh and I put rose. Next I will add cardamom and cassis to divine a fruity note off the top. How about I don't forget the citrus top note. Bergamot, lemon, orange blossom?
I just took a big breath and will continue to think this over today. My words are strong with truth and I am like water smooth and calm water.
Wait, I am a dog..as keen as can be...

These little nuggets are a lovely taste of ylang ylang and orange blossom patchouli and a little bit rose and sandalwood.
Bitch Nuggets
Sweet Witch, (that is me) Bitch Nuggets (that is me)
It is actually Lilith Rising Soap...

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