Sunday, December 13, 2015

the thing you choose

That chosen thing should be for the best results not because you think because you are special that you will have it and get away with whatever you are trying to sneak away with.

It was a very intense new moon, I must say. The whole thing was intense for two weeks prior and then it was like a wave or something but reckon we must or perish in a web of muck and deception and  twisting of words to get away with not suffering, but suffer all must!
The great philosophers were always spewing about happiness but I have come to a conclusion being that I have heavy Saturn aspects in my life, I have come to know that the suffering is important. Coloring your life happy is not real and you must be real and accept the chaos and the sudden pains that will come for one reason or another.
I say this as well, "reasons are bullshit!"
If you make something your priority, all your intentions are clear.
Intending now health vibes to all, and creative forces to wash us all with joyful words coming form that and even in the chaos we can look at the near future and not be stuck in a void of hatred and anger for the smallest of human violations!

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