Sunday, December 6, 2015

up in them hills you need a gun for squirrels or zombies

Here in Livonia Michigan, you do not. You may be a hunter I suppose, there are still a few left and for a registered killing implement should be registered and you should definitely keep all the rules regarding guns.
You do not put on  top of the fridge and hope for the best because out of 100 people with guns in the house, one or two will be careless. The 3 year old gets because you fell asleep watching Wendy and now dead baby! You suck!
What do you need a gun for in Farmington, Michigan where that weird big lipped lady(she used to shop at my store), she shot her husband in the back as he was leaving her..she got a gun to kill him and herself!
A baby just got killed by some ass hole in Detroit with a gun and you never even heard about it did you?
That is because it has not been talked about enough.
I know because I work with some people who live with other people who have had loss because of guns and shootings! They talk about it in the break room!
"what do you need a gun for", I asked them!
They stay quiet and say nothing to me because they know, almost every one has one where they live!

How do you feel knowing a dumb ass 18 year old has a gun and a couple of women with kids and he has friends with guns and they often take drugs too? How would you feel as a mom or dad raising educated kids knowing they were there?
What do you need a gun for?
Personally, I think you should have one stowed away in case of a zombie apocalypse, but otherwise no. You cannot have it handy just in case you go in to a rage because your woman voted or your girl looked a man passing by and start shooting everyone!

"Holy Shithoard, Jesus and what the fuk, Buddha, there Dali!!!" 
(((("Do you all think maybe we can start working on this big one here next, I know you are busy looking at us jerk offs down here begging and pleading and wearing robes to please you and hide from evil..come now and free the zombie hoard and lead them to a happy life to roam in the sea..."))))

See, the issue is that you want to be able to have a gun or maybe two because you are free and in control of your destiny. You have to also practice and alway remain in control because it is not reparable in most cases like if you cut yourself, you'll get a band aid and some soap..guns kill every why do you need a loaded one all the time?

After learning about current events  this last few weeks, I have been forced to look at what is up with the planet. I know, it is sort of interesting in that I can turn to this archetypal type study and still turn my back on religion and the hokus pokus of modern day wizardry..
So I looked to see where the planets were and how the angles presented themselves before me by looking at the magnetism!
Mars square Pluto..woa!! I know now why, why the emotion and reaction by lower types!
Mars square Pluto is wild and angry too.
Mars square Pluto blurting out truths
Mars square Pluto proclaiming and chanting and hiding from pain
Mars square Pluto sex and losing old lovers like pain being shed
Like rain washing away bad deeds but in this case it is dry wind and ice which leaves little cuts
cuts in our our psyche and our emotions because words are like swords
haunting us about what could have beens and yet having too far been cleansed of all the past decisions which  now we carry with us as remnants what what we were and they pile up like rags  and here we are now, drenched and dripping and yet cold  inside over our earthly hive our hurting earth..
when they argue about this and that and blow black smoke and holler their words to us which are like drugs really, they incite and react violently with their words and refuse to back away and some one sheds  more blood to stop the whole mess and now we ponder and think about what could have been with out knowing they whys of what already are
we guard our gods in case they see our real doubts in our hearts..
Think how she might be feeling right now as she constantly sees you looking at the beyond when she has been here all along creating your existence..
our hive, our earth
our home must breath as she spins and carries us through time
what will we become?
what are we becoming?

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