Saturday, December 19, 2015

pour a bunch of orange blossom

I love oils so much!
Orange blossom and patchouli.
That is what I am wearing and it is fantastic.
Once in a while I get island rain and hot scent of afternoon flowers at other times.
You have to have lived or visited a tropical zone to know what I mean but there is a weird scent on some afternoons in the tropics. It has to be the right amount of moist and hot in the air and you will smell ylang ylang for many yards away and I hear one can smell champaca flower by much more than that.

I just recieved like 8 small samples of many different ylang ylang distillations. They are all amazing but I love the organic simple one most. Clean, sweet, exotic are some words that come to mind!
Since I have all this orange blossom, I will combine orange blossom with ylang ylang..I will wait and then make a balm, if you like it, you'll have one too, I will then make something with honey and oats and orange blossom mint, yes, mint, but only a hint
like the time I put the vetiver with rosemary and it made everything better
and maybe I will put a drop or two orange blossom and cinnamon
maybe I will
oh, yes, how about with lime and grapefruit to add depth and courage to say words calmly yet with real force as to spread great things as the seed themselves and become what they will become..

I love oils!

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