Friday, December 18, 2015

if I hear one more time that the jews killed jesus

Let us get things clear before we forget real Festivus, which is what Christmas  was until Constantine became christian and changed the names but kept all the good stuff...I just need to organize it in words and this is a way to clear the air..if we ever can clear the air  from the "believers" that profess stupid things, like a 6 thousand year earth..ha ha ha, please no, and it is the zirconium which finally settles that garbage. It breaks down very slow, very very slow and we can measure that! 4.9 billion years old, Earth is.

See when soldiers take over your cities and towns, they do bad stuff and in ancient times it was worse because there was no running water and people suffered more and died young. During the time of Jesus and many like him, Apocalyptic preachers. There were many pagan  spiritual groups and no one cared about each other's gods. They were basically  at war each other before the Romans got there which they did and they stayed for many years, many many years.
People began forming groups that were apocalyptic in themes of how they would escape this horrid life with these awful dictators, killing, raping and stealing from the townsfolk.
I know it must have been bad because my parents told me stories of the German occupation in Macedonia when they were children. men do bad things when they can.
This horrid life it was too. So, when Jesus died, he really was not the only one. There were many apocalyptic preaches in the day. I am not saying he wasn't the most popular. I mean the guy was great. He could walk on water, they say.
In modern times, today, they lie in every newspaper, you gonna buy that one from 2000 years ago?

 For about seventy years, they told the stories, by mouth, and they told them some more until one day a brilliant Jew who worked for the Romans, named Saul decided to formulate a club to bring some happiness in  the world..well, that is after he killed a guy for telling Jesus stories, yea, after that because the holy spirit, see? It was common, you see, in their culture, they did it all the time and still do because you know,..what ever!
He changed his name to Paul and started groups everywhere around the area and they still had big parties and sex and stuff and he got mad at them and wrote letters about heaven and how good it was going to be when they died, so they all prayed and prayed and wanted to die and they wanted everyone else to die too, so that they could all finally be happy in heaven with god.
Later, some preacher type guys wrote the story bout Jesus and how it went down..(matthew, Mark, Luke and John)also created a hell based on Jesus's teachings where if you are a sinner which you all are, they there is the other place where you are torchered and forever, unless you bow down, submit, give up and all that, to the glory of god.
Many people liked the feeling of glory and heaven and holy spirit so they came to the events held by Paul. He told them how to live right so they could be accepted to heaven. He showed them how to be obedient if they were slaves and women to sit on the floor and cover their heads because god hates them a little bit that is why they bleed every month so when they bleed they cannot receive the blood of Jesus.
In the early days they were accused of cannibalism and orgies because of the "Take this, my body" "this is my blood"
After that, they  cleared the air and things became more organized until about 150 years after Jesus died, a cleric for one of the branches wrote a letter to The Jews, "why did you deny our lord, why did you kill him?"  It spread like wildfire between already ignorant people! That dude he blamed them. He blamed the Jews for Jesus's death and it was The Romans all day! This has continued as a feeling for hundred of years and I am not accepting the lies anymore! Do not say ignorant uneducated things before you know the real story!

"Well, The Jews killed Jesus"
"No they didn't, The Romans did it"
"Yea but, stammer stammer, they made it happen"
"no they didn't, they couldn't, they were an occupied country, it is a fact, they may have not liked him very much. I mean  he showed up in town on a donkey followed by a hoard with palms and singing, How was he now going to hide anywhere in that town where he was captured. There is some theory that states that Judah was really a representation of The Jews in this story because they needed to blame someone." And "Born is the king of Bethlehem", was born!
Gotta bow down to something all the time, minnion?
"humanity has bowed down enough!"
"I am going to pray for you"
"don't pray for me, who do you think you are, some one closer to the divine source than myself?"
"no, I'll still pray for you"
I am still pissed at the shear arrogance!
So I told her of my love of the facts and history and how I have been everything and am already everything..dumb ass, she'll never know me!
Cute girl too! She told me her story.
She made a deal with God so that he would not give her a deformed baby that she would have to love but knew that she could not love so she prayed and told him  that if he gave her and healthy baby, she would follow him and believe and he made good on the deal she told me.
"you made a deal with god?"
"Yes, that is the power of the holy spirit."


Some of you may think that I am not spiritual any more or I should not be saying bad thing about Christ. I am not, I am not also, lying about it either. I have never even when I was a Jesus freak in the seventies, never have I had a relationship with him. He was alive 2000 years ago, get over it! I was always talking to myself. Even now I do. Who else is there?

**I use this blog to speak to myself and mediate on my thoughts for the day or week. It is not meant to harm or destroy anyone's faith or spiritual path but here for me, to sort things and share a thought or two with you.
Happy Festivus

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