Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fame Throwers

I just read this article again because it was read to me to agree with this president and how he feels students today are self absorbed and want to politicise everything.

This article broke my heart a little. The anger that comes out of this presidents head is astounding to me. He, instead of taking compassion and really understanding someone in a christian way, he scolds him for having the feelings! Good one! Maybe this guy was abused as a child and does not like being touched? So the only one that can play the hurt feelings card is the only one saying they have the card..humnn?
When I brought up my concerns about this mans insensitivity, my reader said I could not say certain things about religion and scripture. I said that Religion poisons everything because it causes exclusivity to happen.
Of course I can say that! Look at them, all eager to blow themselves up so that they cover their women  or in our western way,  subtly chastise the rest of us for not being as equal as the men..No more!

Freedom of Speech, 100%
Maybe I do not want to hug everyone  next to me? People carry germs, dummy!
No, this guy tore the person who dared to come to him with this small matter..Let us all remember this tyrant next time we have an issue to discuss.
Corinthians 13 or it if you want to and reflect if it still has the same meaning for you as it would have 2000 years ago. See if the believers of today have more of a chance in the afterlife as you do. see if you yourself may feel as long as you two the line you will go to heaven as long as you're reverent enough you will see god through meditation. The list goes on as my mind can conjure all these ways that we humans make real enough to hate anything that questions your ways?

"'open up, let me in"
"because of what I am going to do to you if you do not let me in"

I think we are reborn through the memory in our cells and that is amazing and have no idea about what will happen after my death. I know that My bridges are are steady and strong and I hope we've met there and passed one another often smiling as we pass.
I hope in your heart that you do but the group thing has changed. We are not hiding from the Romans. We are working and making money and living beautifully as we should at our age.
 Maybe focus on your family and that is church..I find that real love never admonishes when compassion needed.
true love is there for you with an open ear
not ready to scorn because you are different
Real love is healthy
honest and does not need public ridicule or yelling at each other of  who is jesus and what he meant,
it is about showing up in the middle of the night and showing your loved ones that you care
always in doing without expectations that you will get the same and yet the law of attraction brings the same and more


"If science proves Buddhism is wrong then Buddhism will have to change"
Dali Lama

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